● We Clean Cars, vans and trucks in high quality cleaning.

    ● We also have mobile high pressure washer with professional cleaners and cleaning supplies.

    ● Our staffs can bring clients vehicle to our cleaning site and drive back to clients home or work place.

    ● We have two level of vehicles detail:

  • Gold: Interior and outside full details cleaning.
  • Silver: Interior deep cleaning or shampoo.
  • ● Our price for cars:
  • Gold ------ $195.00
  • Silver ----- $125.00
  • ● Our price for vans and light trucks.
  • Gold ----- $225.00
  • Silver ---- $145.00

Why Hire Us

There are many tangible benefits to having Big Five Cleaning Company Ltd. clean your home or business on a regular basis to provide our services including:

Our team will clean your home or business and we will save you money because your time at home or at work is much too valuable to be spent cleaning.

Our professional cleaning services go far beyond just saving time or money because we have the know-how and the products to clean your residence or place of business of allergens, dirt, dust and airborne bacteria that can cause illnesses, especially during our long winter months when there is little or no air circulating from outdoors.